Monday, March 5, 2018

Get SQL columns with specified default value

Query to find all columns with specified default value:

SELECT SO.NAME AS "Table Name", SC.NAME AS "Column Name", SM.TEXT AS "Default Value" FROM dbo.sysobjects SO INNER JOIN dbo.syscolumns SC ON 
JOIN dbo.syscomments SM ON SC.cdefault  WHERE SO.xtype 'U' AND SM.TEXT = '[XXXXXXXXXXXXXX]' ORDER BY SO.[name]SC.colid 

- Option 1

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Scammish: TurboTax discount has not worked for multiple years

Every year and through different channels (Robinhood, Fidelity, StateFarm, etc.), the discount is never applied for me. The site states that you have to go through the affiliated site, which I do. Clear cache, clear cookies, restart browser, the whole same BS. If you go to their support page, it points to the same page or the suggested link is broken.

This year, I even tried all the data clearing and link clicking multiple times. From my personal recommendation, if you are trying out TT because of the discount... try another service. HR Block sounds like they have done a decent job catching up to TT. I may strongly consider them for next year.

There is even a user post that says he was told this problem is not common ( (also assuming the link does not break or deleted). Yet, if you search online on "turbotax discount not working," you'll get a ton of pages over the span of several years.

A technology company that does provide codes nor allow agents to apply discounts. Users have been credited by affiliated site or on a single post by TurboTax. In the TT post, went through support which had them submit the form and was told he would be credited. Who knows if the credit was ever applied. Clearly, TT has no interest in making this any better.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Back to Running - 2018 - Day 1

I haven't ran on a treadmill since I sprained my ankle. I've "ran" while playing volleyball with no problems. I also did a lot of hiking over two weeks. I also haven't had any soreness in my ankle or foot.

So I was a little disappointed that I could still feel my ankle when I ran. It wasn't a pain or a sore, but I didn't want to push it so kept at a slow pace. On the bright side, the run felt a little easier than the last time. One reason may be that I lost about 10 pounds over my vacation (about how much I weight at the beginning of 2017).

My foot was a little sore the next morning only for a few minutes. It was a little sore when I tried running again the following night but was able to run it off.

A week later, I can still feel my ankle but less than the first day. I was also able to run a little faster and longer (from 5 minutes at 5 mph to 10 minutes at 5.5 mph). 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sprained Ankle - Day 63

My ankle is pretty much healed at this point. There are still some mornings especially after a rain or high humidity, I feel a slight tightness in my ankle. I have been playing volleyball for the last 4-5 weeks without much problem. At first, it was a little sore but as I warmed up the soreness went away. The last couple games have had no problems.

Sometime around the second to third week, my mom had me put on some hot/cold patches. I could not tell if it helped or not. It didn't seem to make it any worse at least. Since I had only a handful of sprained ankles, I cannot recall a lot of details. I think the last sprain was about 20 years ago. I only remember it lasting a couple weeks. So this time took much longer but I think it was also much worse.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sprained ankle - Day 13

Sprained my ankle almost 2 weeks ago while playing volleyball. I was in enough pain to not be able to move my foot, but eventually dragged myself to the side. Our team had a double-header so fortunately I had some time to rest. After 30 minutes of icing and lying on the ground with my foot on a medicine ball, I was able to stand up but could barely put any weight on the foot. Another 30 minutes and I was able to drive. I was able to waddle the next day, using the wall to climb up or down the stairs. A week later and I was able to hide my limp with slight pain. I broke in my new bike yesterday with a discomfort in my foot only when climbing the stairs. I didn't feel any discomfort while biking for a couple hours (with several breaks). The next day, my foot was sore even when walking so maybe biking may not have been wise.

Workout-wise, I have been pretty bad with my regular workouts for the last month. I did at least one a week. My diet was slightly better than usual. Overall, I've lost about 1-2 pounds over two weeks but probably my muscle weight as I have not done any workouts the last couple weeks.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Disable pop-up "This file has been modified outside of the source editor" VS2013

 Disable the pop-up to reload a file in Visual Studio 2013:
This file has been modified outside of the source editor.

Visual Studio 2013
Tools > Environment > Documents > Detect when file is changed outside the environment

This occurs because the employer just implemented a file syncing system.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Real Appeal Day 1 (Workout)

There was some time off from my DVD workouts primarily because my laptop could no longer play videos without shutting down from overheating. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a blue-ray player.

The first thing I ran was the Real Appeal workout DVD. The workout is of course much easier than Insanity but was a good workout to do during lunch so that I'm not too sweaty for work. It was way less impact on the joints. I do not know if this picks up later.

I joined Real Appeal about 5-6 weeks ago. This is covered by the company I work for when you miss the biometrics. The program is pretty good. The coach is very motivating. It is geared more towards people who are more inexperienced with exercising and dieting. It does have a wealth of information. For me, I knew most of it. I just need to practice it.