Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interview: Have you ever stolen a pen from work?

Have you ever stolen a pen from work?

Just some fun thoughts that I wouldn't recommend using:
  1. No. People either steal more than one pen or they do not steal at all. Who steals just one pen?
  2. No. I've always been expected to work from home / remotely / always on-call.
  3. No. Who uses a pen anymore? / Do you mean a stylus?
  4. Did the company expense all items I buy for work?
  5. Has the owner / CEO / President exploited company expenses / taxes for personal purchases?
  6. How many TD Bank pens do you think your company has?
I would avoid saying yes / no:
  1. I have plenty of pens at home thus I have no intentions to steal any pens.
  2. I may have accidentally brought one home, but usually it also accidentally returns back to the office because I didn't realize that I accidentally brought it home.
  3. I bring pens to work.
In reality, I typically bring my own pens to work because they are better than the cheap company pens. Decent gel pens have a nice consistency and less hassle than the ordinary ball-point pens. Avoid bad/cheap gel pens because they can cause a lot of smudges if the point breaks.

 Off topic - I see the green TD Bank pens all over the place, and I will admit that they work very well except a little too big for my taste. Very off topic - I missed a chance to get a free TD Bank umbrella. Those looked pretty awesome.


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