Thursday, December 11, 2014

T25 (First Impression)

A couple friends introduced me to T25, and it has been very convenient to add to my list of exercises to do. My personal preference for exercise is primarily running outdoors. This becomes increasingly difficult as the freezing season comes around or simply just rainy or just on the road. At home, I typically go to the gym to run on the treadmill.

One would realize that 25 minutes of constant movement should be rather tiring especially for someone that still cannot jog for a straight 25 minutes (although I did just pass 20 minutes... we'll see how long I can maintain it this time around). But no, I always thing that I can easily put in 25 minutes of my time to work on T25.

Although I really enjoy doing the different exercises (haven't touched the Gamma level yet), I really like that I do not need any equipment and can easily be done at home. Some do require weights or a mat, but I just use a carpet and I have not reached the level to use weights yet. I am not able to keep up with the regular workout thus having to follow Tanya for a good chunk of the video.

Tanya is one of the people in the video but does a "toned down" version of each exercise. But for amateurs/beginners, do not be fooled as this can still be challenging enough to keep the body going. Even then, I still do some of the exercises a little slower which is supposed to be ok still.

The hardest part for me (besides being out of breath) is the constant moving on the balls of my feet. My calves start to tire and cannot keep up throughout the entire video. I am able to follow for the first third to half of the video, then I try to keep up whenever I have the breath and energy to do so.

I do not think many people have the same opinion about the sense of time lapse, but I always find it interesting how each minute once you get tired becomes mentally longer as I reach the end of the video. The worst for me is the cardio since I am somewhat able to do most of the exercises so I have the chance to glimpse at the clock. I have not done the others enough to be used to the exercises yet so I focus more on the pose, position, and steps thus always scrambling to keep up.

Overall, I really like the exercises so far. I have no experience with other types of workout so I do not have much to compare with.

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