Sunday, August 16, 2015

Windows 10 (first impression)

Just upgraded yesterday to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Pro. So far the transition has been good. I have not had any issues continuing with working with Visual Studio and standard web surfing.

I haven't had to play around with any OS configurations yet. Glad that I haven't been forced to learn it yet. Didn't notice much of a difference with Microsoft's new browser Edge from IE (besides the cosmetics). I was kind of disappointed that the icon looks similar to IE.

W10 is supposed to be faster but I haven't noticed it being much different so far but then I haven't had any speed issues with W7. Not sure if I care that MS has returned to a more squarish (in some ways more windows-like) format. There are a lot of new settings which look interesting, but importantly not really out of the way.

I do like that do have a few more touchpad commands with sizing, shortcuts with multi-finger tapping. I did not like that it changed the scrolling to reverse scrolling so that the behavior was more similar to a touch screen, but this is changeable.

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