Saturday, January 9, 2016

Exercise 20160109

Well, I am basically where I started last year. I was doing well prior to the end of year break...... then just gained it all back. At least my tummy was very happy... my feet, not so much... probably not for the rest of my body either. On the bright side, I am a tad slimmer so hopefully I can shed these pounds a little faster and continue where I was a couple weeks ago.

I found the google fit app which is fun to play with. I averaged about 8000 steps per day. The steps are super erratic where I have a lot of days less than 1000 (mostly because I do not carry my phone with me most of the time) and a bunch over 14000.

Now that I am in the habit of going to the gym, I am now focusing to be more efficient with my workouts. My first step is to do a 15 minute exercise at an increased heart-rate. I hope this will improve my speed which in turn should also help my endurance indirectly. Hopefully, I can reach my goal of 10k this year (set from last year).

In the last couple months, I have also added some free weight training. Still not sure what to do there yet but it is a nice break from the treadmill. I think I've gained some weight from it, but I think my muscles are getting more tone. My only measure is just my clothes... so either I'm toning or my clothes are stretching :D

In the last month, I have also started to making smoothies. This I really enjoy because I sometimes waste some fruits because it ripened too much, especially bananas. I also go through my berries faster. I can also now freeze my fruits. So overall, a great addition to my diet.

Good luck to 2016!

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