Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Never Remember Until I Need It - Windshield Wipers

For a couple years, my wipers have been barely sufficient to wipe away the rain. No matter how hard I try to remind myself to buy them, the instant I step out of the car and run into the house...

Ahh... warm... nice... back to normal life.........

Next time it rains, same pattern again.

After some number of rains over 2 years, I finally thought I should blog about this.

That very night as I ponder what to blog, I finally recalling the need for new wipers.

3 hours later (doing some research if I have the correct refills then needing to find more items to go over $25 to get the Amazon add-on something-or-other), I have finally ordered them!

And that's my post today.

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