Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fitbit ChargeHR (two-week impression)


I seem to keep changing where I lock the band. Is it natural for my wrist to change sizes? The largest problem is trying to get the watch to sit about an inch under my wrist where it gets the best heart rate accuracy. Otherwise, comfort is fine with the usual discomfort of a watch.


Heart Rate does not seem to be very accurate (comparing with treadmill's heart rate) when running. Rest heart rate seems quite reliable. I'm not sure about the average resting heart rate which seems a little low. My current heart rate is around 74 bpm (measured with fingers on the inside part of my wrist with a time watch for a minute), the watch shows 73, but the phone app shows 65 bpm. Maybe writing a blog gives me the increased rate.

Steps are quite accurate. The elevation can be tricked when pumping your arm in the car. I don't care much for distance so I have not been monitoring the accuracy of distance. Since I do a lot of walking in place or treadmill, I do not expect it to be extremely accurate.

Mobile App

Not as impressed as I thought it would be but is functional. My favorite component is the sleep log. It has some bug with finding Facebook friends (Motorola Turbo) even though it is connected and can post achievements to FB. 

Web Service

This is much more useful than the mobile app. It provides a much more detailed report of the same status provided on the mobile phone.


Adding people to challenges is easy. Seems that steps are the only metrics available to compete against. 

Accomplishments are very standard with different metrics to be accomplishments. There are two types, one for one-time single-day goals and the other is one-time lifetime goals.


It would be nice if Fitbit could track the number of times that I hit certain accomplishments, like 20 days of 10k steps, 5 days of 5k steps, etc. Same with steps.

Would be nice if it could be configured to compete with other people with other pedometer devices or step-tracking devices.


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