Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Buggish: "We found your Charge HR" but still get error "Bluetooth issues" on Droid Turbo

Rebooted phone several times, restarted FitBit app several times, finally tried rebooting the FitBit itself (hold down button for several seconds while plugged in) which seems to finally work.

Symptom: FitBit no longer synced with phone. Thought maybe I had to re-pair the device, I removed the device. When re-pairing, I continually received the error "Bluetooth issues" "if you see this message for the first time..." Occasionally, I was able to get the app to show "We found your Charge HR" but would still popup the Bluetooth issues error box.

Solution: Called tech support, explained the situation, and they were able to cover a replacement under the warranty. Which was really nice since I didn't think there was warranty. The experience was positive although I really wanted to know what was wrong with my current one.

So far, I am not exactly sure what the fix is as I cannot replicate the issue. It appears restarting the Fitbit fixes this problem. But may also include restarting phone and app. Restarting app fixed the problem of pairing as it appears to only work on the initial attempt. If I retry then the FitBit appears to no longer attempt to pair even though it says it is searching. The FitBit is definitely in some sort of off-mode during this time as the steps are not registered either. That is about all the information I think is relevant.

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