Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sprained ankle - Day 13

Sprained my ankle almost 2 weeks ago while playing volleyball. I was in enough pain to not be able to move my foot, but eventually dragged myself to the side. Our team had a double-header so fortunately I had some time to rest. After 30 minutes of icing and lying on the ground with my foot on a medicine ball, I was able to stand up but could barely put any weight on the foot. Another 30 minutes and I was able to drive. I was able to waddle the next day, using the wall to climb up or down the stairs. A week later and I was able to hide my limp with slight pain. I broke in my new bike yesterday with a discomfort in my foot only when climbing the stairs. I didn't feel any discomfort while biking for a couple hours (with several breaks). The next day, my foot was sore even when walking so maybe biking may not have been wise.

Workout-wise, I have been pretty bad with my regular workouts for the last month. I did at least one a week. My diet was slightly better than usual. Overall, I've lost about 1-2 pounds over two weeks but probably my muscle weight as I have not done any workouts the last couple weeks.

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