Monday, April 8, 2019 (first impression, three weeks)

I have been passively looking to see what new opportunities are out there, and was suggested to use a few sites. One of the sites was glassdoor.

I still went through the usual agony of filling in yet another profile and job history. It does have an importer, but obviously my formatting is not obvious enough for the automated process. I think it took more time to correct than just to enter the details myself. The process is very standard, no love or hate.

Once the profile is created, it is pretty simple to apply to job posts that are connected via glassdoor. After a couple job posts, I actually started avoiding job posts that required me to apply via the employer's company site. Why is that not automated to pass my details to the company site? Honestly, I did not care much because they were mostly larger corporate companies which I was not in the mood of applying to at the time.

After a week or two, I actually had real calls for phone interviews from the actual employer. This was actually pretty amazing! I have to admit I was very impressed with this. I did not apply to that many. The interviews were legit and did not waste my time.

I was impressed because I had very little luck in the past with job boards:,, etc. (more than ten years ago). One of the biggest problem was that I was constantly called by recruiters. These recruiters clearly do not read the resume and are just fishing for anyone that would respond, then figure out if they are a fit. I tested this by clearly putting on my resume that I am not looking for work in my current state, yet all the opportunities are for that state.


For whatever reason, I cannot update the experience field on their website. I have tried multiple times and multiple browsers. It appears to save once I enter the experience detail, but once I refresh the page, it disappears.


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