Friday, June 5, 2020

My Return to Visual Studio........... sigh

Microsoft Visual Studio

I know in my previous posts that I had left Visual Studio. Sadly I have returned back. In the previous post, I had left primarily through pricing. I was charged a new customer price when I have been paying for over 10 years. My credit card was canceled due to one fraudulent charge, and I did not update my new card with MS. Also shows you how often I use VS, so I just hated that I was practically donating money to MS and they won't even recognize that been blindly paying them for years. Now the company pays for it, so I grudgingly (morally) returned.

Nothing against the actual application, Visual Studio. It is by far superior IDE to the ones I have used in the meantime, including Visual Studio Code. I can only speak for developing in C#, but I have to say that my programming efficiency is noticeably better with Visual Studio. 

Is it worth the cost for a hobbyist? Not really. The main functions are there in free versions, the pain points are tolerable. Is it worth commercially? Yes, the amount of money you save or produce for the company is definitely worth the price. Is the whole Microsoft shop worth it? That is arguable as other enterprise solutions provide a much better price point. If the company is not a technology company, then it is probably worth it. It is a bit bulky, but you don't need the expertise to hire the right person nor pay the additional cost of "real" developers. Not that option is cheap, but my assumption is that non-tech companies will not have good IT and will not have the expertise to really effectively run IT for the long term. They may be able to find one person, but that person will eventually leave or retire, then it will just be downhill. If they are a rare breed with excellent IT, then I recommend that they should consider transforming into a tech company.

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