Thursday, May 6, 2021

Buggish: MS Error Copying Files to Network Share after granting permissions without reboot

I hate rebooting, so I try my best to look for solutions even if it costs me more time. In this case, I am trying to copy a file to another new network share. I get an error that I do not have permissions to do so. Then I tried to use "net use" to disconnect and reconnect with the same error.


Close all Windows Explorer windows.
  • Closing one did not resolve my issue
  • Restarting the Windows Explorer may also resolve this issue. This will likely close all Window Explorer windows anyways.
  • net use /delete does not work
    • The network share wasn't even on my net use list

Potentially Solves Another Issue

Sometimes "net use" does not allow me to add another network share with different credentials saying that it cannot manage multiple shares. I'll use "net use /delete" to remove the connection. Then when I try to add it again, it still gives me the same error. Even after I "net use" again to check, the connection is no longer there. When I try to delete it again, it says it does not exist.

I believe this may be held up by the windows explorer that I keep open.


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