Saturday, June 19, 2021

Life: So sad after accidentally breaking bird eggs

I cannot express enough how sad I am feeling right now. I just returned home from a walk. Our Christmas wreath was still on our door, and for some reason today I decided to take it down. Probably because this was the first time I returned home without my hands full. Because the wreath hung over my head, I grabbed it from the bottom and flipped it upside-down... then suddenly there were a couple splats. I thought it was bird poop, but at closer inspection after I put down the wreath... I noticed they were two tiny eggs.

I feel so sad for the birds. And suddenly a couple puzzle pieces came together. I now recall that there is always a bird that flies away when I open or walk by the door. I know it won't do anything but I put the wreath back but on the ground. I made sure it was rightside-up just in case there were other eggs left in the wreath. It was dark so I couldn't tell. I also just read that most birds won't return if their nest was disturbed so it will unlikely return.

Now I know to take down winter ornaments right away. Sadly, I feel I will remember this every year now.

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