Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Return to Blogspot and Google Reader

Return to Blogspot and Google Reader

I have returned to using blogspot a couple months ago. The primary reason was that I was looking into a good solution to documenting a software project that I was working on which I had decided to use Google Sites instead. That choice is still working very well for me. In the meantime, I figured I try to keep my blogs updated because of some "I don't know"-kind of feeling... maybe even a "Maybe someone will care"-kind of feeling.

Whatever the reasons may be, Blogspot has changed quite a bit since the previous time that I had used blogspot. I like the general feel, but as an engineer, I am slightly unsatisfied with the table functionality because I like grids and numbers.

One of the new features was a Reading List. I tested this by adding Evil HR Lady which I used to follow back when I was working with an software company that hosted an HR SaaS Solution. I still recall her posts being very interesting. Because I still remember her moniker, I suppose it had more of an impact than I thought or the relation to Catbert also made it easy to remember.

Back to the purpose of this blog, I added her to the reading list to see how this feature worked. It looked just like Google Reader, then I realized it was Google Reader. Wow. It has been a long time since I've followed that too. I used it as part of understanding SEO for a previous employment. I'm surprised that was still up since I recall Google Buzz not panning out well. Reader still looks the same too. Then I was surprised again to see all the followed subscriptions that I had from back then. There are way too many posts to catch up now.

PS: I recommend Evil HR Lady to anyone who wants to learn a bit more about general employment, human resource, and/or work life. I read some of the later ones which are somewhat interesting. I liked the much earlier posts more. I'm not sure if that is because she now works for CBS news (which I assume since her posts are now at It was a hobby back when I was following a long time ago. It may also be that she has answered so many questions making the newer ones to be more specific in nature and making it less relevant to me (ex polyamorous). Always a big fan of numbers and statistics, I enjoyed some recent posts (eg "How much does it cost companies to lose employees?").

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