Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cooking: Guacamole - Second Attempt

This is my second attempt turned out much better than the first. This time I bought avocados already ripe. It is really hard to tell the ripe from the not ripe because the shell is somewhat hard. I cheated because the label said they were already ripe. It was probably slightly softer than when it was unripe. This made it much easier to mash with a fork and a soup ladel.

Oddly, I noticed the tomatoes I bought were from Canada. How come I get cheaper tomatoes from Canada?

This recipe included cumin which I am still not sure what it tastes like. I still need to experiment with that more. I used Serrano peppers instead of jalapeno. I skipped cayenne since I did not have any. I added a little more extra cilantro since I always have a bunch leftover which does not go very well with my stir fry.

Overall, this turned out very well.


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