Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: 18W (~75W) and 23W (~100W) Feit Electric Company Conserv Energy Light Bulbs

Surprisingly, I've never really needed light bulbs. Most places I've lived at always had sufficient lighting and never stayed long enough for a bulb to burn out. So the experience of buying light bulbs was interesting.

I bought the following from Costco:
18W (Product#238653) = 1170 lumens
23W (Product#561595) = 1600 lumens

For some strange reason, the 1600 lumens bulb has an orange-tinted glow (which I was not expecting) while the 1170 lumens bulb has a white glow. To me it almost seems like the white glow is brighter than the orange. But when put side-to-side, the 1600 lumens bulb is actually brighter. Perhaps the white glow makes things appear clearer because orange make things look duller?

The bulbs works with dimmer switches when at full power. If left at partial power but enough for the light to be on, the bulb dies very quickly within days of use if not hours.

The bulbs do get warm quickly. After leaving them on for ten-some seconds, they were too hot for me to take out.

All-in-all, they work sufficiently for me just a couple surprises and new experience.

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