Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cooking: Chicken Innards/Gibblets and Cutting Chicken

I started to buy whole chickens to practice cutting them. To my surprise, there were some extra parts. The heart and liver were easy to identify. I had some trouble finding the joints to cut but eventually I had all the different parts.

The second time, I bought chicken from Costco. This time there were more gibblets which I did not know what they were. There is this mushy looking thing where a part looks kind of like intestine. It is a light color than the dark brown/red color of the other gizzard. There was also a part that had a whitish color. This I found later was the gizzard. There's also a dark brownish color with something hard inside which I think is the neck but the color is kind of weird.

The links below helped identify a few things.


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