Friday, November 8, 2013

Life: Sleeping - Changed Beds

I switched from a standard innerspring bed to the box-spring. Fortunately, the box-spring is flat enough for me to sleep on. As for why I ended up sleeping on the box-spring is because my mom needed a mattress. The details into that is odd and not important for this post.

Historically, I have been able to sleep anywhere. I have no problems sleeping in a chair, on a plane, train, hardwood floor, on multiple chairs, and probably even standing up. I actually was a little uncomfortable for the first couple days on the box-spring. I did not have a lot of problems falling asleep, but was a little sore when waking up.

After a while, I did get used to sleeping on it. And what inspired me to write this post is that I actually feel a bit more refreshed than usual. It takes less time to "wake-up" and more focused on morning tasks. I am not exactly sure why that is.

Looking back, I want to say that I do have a tendency to feel better after changing where I sleep. Every so often, I would choose to sleep on the couch and would feel like I had "better sleep" but it would wear off. Then I would have better sleep when I switch back to my bed.

Sleeping or napping in a sitting position has never been as beneficial unless it is in a car. Even sleeping in the car does not compare to sleeping lying down. I've camped outside a couple times and do not recall being grumpy about it but then exercise (ie hiking) typically helps me out of the haze quickly.

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