Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life: Exercise 20150207

After a week, I have returned back to the same weight as last week. I gained quite a bit of weight eating all the food from Superbowl weekend... too much pizza, wings, chips, and so many other not so healthy foods. I gained about 4-5 pounds within 2-3 days. Took another 2-3 days to lose that.

I still exercised everyday except Sunday. This week was kind of sluggish. I did mostly walking on Monday and Thursday. It was harder to run long distance. I found doing amateur-level intervals (2 minute walking and 2 minute jog/run) helpful in getting me out of the sluggish feeling.

Weeks ago, I was only able to do 5mph jogs, now I am able to reach 7mph. Not only that, my heart rate does not reach as high as before. My ankle issue seems to have gone away but I have been avoiding extended jogs. I've tried a couple times and now it seems that my right calf gets tight or tired. Running does not seem to bother me at all even at longer distance and longer periods of time.

It has been about a month since I joined the gym. I have been going almost every day. I think I have missed a total of 5-6 days. I do mostly walk/jog for 1 hour. I do mix up my running exercises between extending my long distance running, just plain walking, and intervals (trying to increase my run pace). When the gym is quieter, I will do some weights after an hour on the treadmill. Overall, I've lost about 7 pounds.

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