Saturday, February 21, 2015

Outlook 2013 vs Outlook 2010 (First Impression)

The biggest issue I have with 2013 is that it does not automatically pop-up the replies or forwards. I often have to copy information from one email to another, so not being able to quickly switch from one email to another is quite bothersome without changing the default settings. So, I do not like this new feature unless there was an easy way to tab back to my previously viewed emails.

There seems to be more bugs with 2013 than 2010. 2013 crashes more often, lags more often, and other odd behavior. This occurs even when there is no stress on the system. For example, I would just do a typical email check and Outlook could just crash completely or it hangs for several seconds.

For some reason when I am not on VPN, I cannot view my regular inbox. I have no looked into saving/caching emails onto my local system but why would this default change? I rarely have issues with disk space on the local system. Group mailbox seem slower to refresh when I switch between my mailbox with a group mailbox even if I was just in the other mailbox.

Still unable to assign the organizer to a meeting. This is quite annoying as I still cannot find a way to change this after opening a new meeting. I still have to go to the mailbox before creating a new meeting. Even if it is static or constant for a meeting, couldn't there be at least a query box to ask which mailbox I want to use? I would still like the ability to change the organizer to a meeting because some coworkers can never remember to use the group mailbox. 

2013 seem to be bulkier with no new advantages to my daily use so far. The ribbon style does not bother me as much as other people make it out to be. I actually find it easier to edit emails and files with the new ribbon. People's biggest complaint is that they cannot find the features. Yes, it was kind of annoying but it only takes an extra minute or two. They should learn to scan/read more accurately. But given some of the other work that I've seen them produce, I doubt they will ever really learn. 

Overall, Outlook 2013 is functional and usable. I prefer 2010 primarily because it seemed more stable. I only use the most basic of features like compose email, setup meetings, and group mailbox.

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