Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Facebook on Hulu without my permission

Another reason I do not like single sign-on. While on Hulu, I noticed in the comments section had a friend's profile picture even though I was logged in via Hulu account (not attached to Facebook). The cause is that a friend had signed onto Facebook and didn't logoff. 

I do not like that Facebook is allowing third-parties to access fb information without additional security to allow information to be transferred. There is no settings to disable this (at least not one that I can find).

Although there is a setting to sign-in via Facebook, I do not use single sign-on primarily for reasons like this. Although Hulu is a more legit company, this means that other sites are also capable of tracking without my knowledge. With all the data that is shared and distributed, more shady companies are capable of finding information that they should not have.

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