Monday, June 5, 2017

Failed 4 mile race

How does one fail a race? By being late to the race. The weather was terrible so traffic was slower than normal, fortunately the weather did not reach the race destination. Then I couldn't find parking, spent 30+ minutes. I ended up 10 minutes late.

I ended up cutting across the park and finish the race without an official time. Although I felt lighter on my feet, I felt that my endurance was actually worse. I have not trained much in long distance, usually running at most 20 minutes. The only extended exercise is the Insanity workouts which is around 40 minutes. I guess that is not a good substitute... also does not help that I cannot keep up the entire time either.

With all that said, I played volleyball today and did surprisingly well. I wonder if I am now able to jump higher which is helping me hit better.

So although I feel better, I think my endurance has dropped a bit. I'll have to experiment this further.

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