Monday, January 29, 2018

Back to Running - 2018 - Day 1

I haven't ran on a treadmill since I sprained my ankle. I've "ran" while playing volleyball with no problems. I also did a lot of hiking over two weeks. I also haven't had any soreness in my ankle or foot.

So I was a little disappointed that I could still feel my ankle when I ran. It wasn't a pain or a sore, but I didn't want to push it so kept at a slow pace. On the bright side, the run felt a little easier than the last time. One reason may be that I lost about 10 pounds over my vacation (about how much I weight at the beginning of 2017).

My foot was a little sore the next morning only for a few minutes. It was a little sore when I tried running again the following night but was able to run it off.

A week later, I can still feel my ankle but less than the first day. I was also able to run a little faster and longer (from 5 minutes at 5 mph to 10 minutes at 5.5 mph). 

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