Sunday, March 4, 2018

Scammish: TurboTax discount has not worked for multiple years

Every year and through different channels (Robinhood, Fidelity, StateFarm, etc.), the discount is never applied for me. The site states that you have to go through the affiliated site, which I do. Clear cache, clear cookies, restart browser, the whole same BS. If you go to their support page, it points to the same page or the suggested link is broken.

This year, I even tried all the data clearing and link clicking multiple times. From my personal recommendation, if you are trying out TT because of the discount... try another service. HR Block sounds like they have done a decent job catching up to TT. I may strongly consider them for next year.

There is even a user post that says he was told this problem is not common ( (also assuming the link does not break or deleted). Yet, if you search online on "turbotax discount not working," you'll get a ton of pages over the span of several years.

A technology company that does provide codes nor allow agents to apply discounts. Users have been credited by affiliated site or on a single post by TurboTax. In the TT post, went through support which had them submit the form and was told he would be credited. Who knows if the credit was ever applied. Clearly, TT has no interest in making this any better.

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