Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Scammish: Verizon Wireless Fraudulent Charges

I noticed that I received a fraudulent charge on my credit card for Verizon Wireless for what appears to be a prepaid phone (or something related to prepaid). I could call my credit card first, but decided to call Verizon first.

First, the number on the charge is completely useless because you require a Verizon number to get through the automated system. There is no way around this. If you hit # or 0, you eventually just get kicked out the system. There is no way to get through the system if you are not a Verizon wireless customer which I am not.

So, I then looked up online for Verizon fraud department. This was not difficult (888-483-7200). This still asked for a number but does go to an agent eventually. I stated my problem and the operator easily responds that there is nothing he can do to track the charge. He says that I have to call my bank to dispute the charge.

Of all the data that Verizon collects, they are telling me that they cannot track a charge? Yet if I do not pay, they will go to the ends of the world to collect the payment. What a joke! And why do I need to go to my bank/CC when it was charged to them? I do not have any other fraud charges. Even returning products to any other store, the store can reverse the charge.

Just for this one charge, I have to get a new credit card which means I have to update all my auto payments. So yea, Verizon... I am going to give you hate for this. Not that you allowed the transaction because there is little that can be done on that front, but to tell me not only that you cannot track the fraudster, you cannot even tell me how it was charged or the phone it is attached to or EVEN CARE THAT IT HAPPENED... That's right, you do not even ask for any sort of information (my credit card, the charge amount, when it happened, etc)....... nothing.

Clearly the reason to me for not having this process is because this is part of your business revenue in hopes that people do not check so that you can collect the amount yet if someone catches it, you just blame the fraudster. I do not stand for this practice.

This perhaps may occur to other providers, but if you claim to be #1... well then it seems that you're just a better scammer.



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