Monday, July 22, 2019

Buggish: Windows 10 Context Menu Does Not Disappear (right click)

Problem: Right click on any windows entity that creates a context menu (the menu that appears after right clicking), then click on any of the options. Once clicked, that option "never" disappears.

Trigger: I have not determined what triggers this problem. It is repeatable once it is triggered though.

Workaround: Lock screen and log back in. I think anything that will refresh the whole screen.

1. In the Windows search, type in Performance and look for Adjust the appears and performance of Windows
2. Look for the option for Fade out menu items after clicking
2.a. For me, the Performance Options window was already open to the list of options under custom. By default it is under Performance Options > Visual Effects > Custom > Fade out menu items after clicking.
3. You may need to use the workaround one more time.

Once I logged back in, the error no longer occurred. I just fixed the issue and have not rebooted. Hoping this is a permanent fix.

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