Sunday, October 13, 2019

Exercise (247) Sometimes life happens

My father was in a serious accident. I was heart-broken to hear the news. I couldn't help to feel extremely saddened when I saw his condition. Fortunately, he is recovering although it did take some time for him be out of ICU.

During these times, I sometimes feel a bit jealous of others. And I have to remind myself that there are things much more important than money or success. Although there are people that experience even more tragic situations, I do not believe that should justify a different decision even. Because the logic would not hold for whoever has the most tragic experience.

What made me second guess myself was that I did not have a good relationship with my father. I did quickly decide to drop everything and fly to the hospital. I have no regrets in the decisions made. Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself that I had to think about it or remind myself, and not just instinctively decide.

Even though it put a long pause in my professional and other personal life progress, taking that time off to care was totally worth it. It also did add a lot of life perspectives. What good is all that wealth if you do not take care of yourself? Sometimes things just happen, are you prepared if one day you realize you cannot move or talk? Most if not near all parents have sacrificed a lot for their children. Isn't it a little counter-intuitive that we sacrifice the rest of our lives to care for them? Sounds wrong when you say it out loud, but still makes logical sense in my head.

Best of luck, and do what you believe is right for you and your family/friend. Some decisions will not be easy and there will be some that even seem impossible. In those cases, don't dwell on "what ifs" later; just constantly remind yourself that you did the best you can in the situation you were in and the information you had. And remember to also take care of your own health.

I had a lot of trouble posting this message because it was very personal to me and wasn't sure how much detail to share, but I hope the message is detailed enough to help someone (maybe even reminding my future self) else in a similar situation.

For someone who is not but knows someone in that situation but not in any capacity to help, simply say that the person is in your prayers or thoughts. Even if I thought the person may not really do so, the statement is still powerful besides that it typically fills any awkward silence. At the very least, it allows me to respond or transition to another topic. In all honesty, the support was actually very helpful even if I cannot explain how that is. Thank you to everyone who supported me and my family (whether it was said out loud or within your hearts).

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