Thursday, October 10, 2019

Health: Temporary sharp pain down one leg

One morning, there was a sharp pain down my leg. After I shifted, the pain kind of went away then kind of forgot about it. When I got up, there was a little sore in my leg but I figured I could walk it off. Then after a standing for a minute or two brushing my teeth, there was a sharp pain that went from hip to ankle. After I sat down, the pain was not as sharp but was still painful. Then will subside almost just as fast as it came.

This went on all day with the same pattern, so I spent most of the day sitting. I figured it would go away after a day. I went to work the next day with the same problem. This went on for a few days. 

About a week later, the pain finally started to go away and was a bit more tolerable. After a couple more days, I did not even realize that the pain was gone.

I think I must have slept in a funny position or slept on something. This is not unusual as I typically just sleep wherever I get sleepy at night... on the couch, in a chair, on the bed, etc.

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