Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Job Search: Re-applying to Amazon, Google, other less known companies

I just read this article that I saw on LinkedIn. This got me thinking about my reaction to companies' response or lack of response. I know that is not what the article is about, but that is what triggered my thought.


I was daunted by Amazon's initial application process. It was long and tedious. I actually avoided applying for a lengthy period of time because of it. But once completed, Amazon is impressively fluid to use compared to almost all other sites. Their interface is also levels better than other sites (including ATS systems which you think should be the best in market since it is their industry). I have to say that I am personally surprised.

I have applied to a couple positions, and only one interview. When the position closed, I received an automated email that I was not selected. I had an interview, was not selected, and received an automated email that I was not selected. The interview itself was not great, but that was more on the interviewer than Amazon.

Will I apply again? Yes. My experience with them is quite positive (relative to others), especially after each experience with another company like Google.


Applying is simpler. I have applied years ago, and also a couple recently. No responses at all. The applications can still be found on their website untouched.

Will I apply again? I have to say that after a period of time after each application, I am less inclined to apply to Google. Today I even saw a couple new positions on LinkedIn, I shuddered, and didn't even bother to see the job description.


Applied once, and had an interview. My interviewer was great: charismatic and a pleasure to talk to. She was very up-front about my shortcomings which I also agreed with but did argue that I had similar experiences. I was applying to a management role with no direct report experiences. I had many leadership experiences but clearly not enough.

This position would also have been a 1.5 hour commute. Just because of the recruiter and her enthusiasm, I probably would have accepted the role if they offered. I received emails that I was not selected.

Will I apply again? Yes, and I would recommend others to apply to Snap.

Other Companies

Many companies are like Google. Even using Indeed or Glassdoor who automates some of these steps, I will still not receive any responses. I have most definitely skipped over companies that I have applied to previously where I have received absolutely no responses.

I have been highly selective in re-applying to companies that I have received no responses for.

I still re-apply to companies that I have received automated rejections. 

I continue to look at opportunities to companies that have more personalized messages that are not automated.

My Conclusion About Feedback

I feel that this is a classic game theory situation. If all companies gave personalized responses, then they are all equal again. So a couple companies that do not will benefit because there is not enough to detract people who apply. The reasons that I prefer companies that give personalized responses is that others do not, thus benefiting those who do. And this is why most companies don't because it is practically the same state as everyone doing it but less effort.


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