Sunday, February 2, 2020

Job Search: There Is NO Shortage on Skilled Workers, Just Shortage on "Below-Market-Pay" Skilled Workers

I have always been wondering how can the United States be short on skilled workers, because there are plenty of non-skills workers who do not enjoy their work. Maybe short on general workers to current jobs and unfilled jobs, theoretically. But even then that is very hard to believe because there are plenty of people who do very little in existing jobs.

And as I apply to several positions, the most common articles I read about is recruiters being inundated with thousands of applicants. When I talk to hiring managers, they most definitely are not short on candidates and most I have spoken to have had no problems hiring a fitting candidate within the last couple years.

When job posters have on their form your minimum pay requirement or pay history, this seems pretty evident that there is no shortage on people looking for skilled work (possibly other works; I have only searched skilled work). 

One conclusion I can come up with that perhaps I am wrong is that HR really, really has no idea what they are doing. This is also a very high possibility in my opinion as they go through so many motions that make seem to limit their search on quality and possibly cheaper alternatives.

One example is that almost all jobs list out the requirements of the candidate to a generic person yet they require all candidates to tailor their resumes to them. They should be tailored to their target audience who are not generic people. In an opening for a manager, many descriptions will have a requirement with "ability to work in a team" or if they are a level higher "ability to work in a diverse team". The position is for a person specifically leading a team. Or another opening for an experience developer who has a specific tool experience that is almost irrelevant to the actual job. There are development posts where they require "X+ years of experience with Jira" (Jira is a bug-tracking tool). If they hire a developer that cannot figure out how to use any type of bug-tracking tool is not a developer worth hiring.

In either case, there is most definitely no shortage on skilled workers. Companies are either just too cheap to hire them or too simple-minded to identify them.

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