Friday, August 14, 2020

A person cannot choose to be a leader, because being a leader is an effect

If there is one thing I have learned in my life time, that thing is that people are easily fooled into thinking the end justifies the means. On top of that, the thought is so over-exaggerated in shows and movies that it makes many people believe that they are beyond falling victim to such ideas.

One of those things you hear a lot is about how to be a leader. A leader must be this, or that, or do these these things, or has done those things, etc. And then there's a whole industry on books countering those properties of a leader. For those who strive to be a leader, this can be so confusing... and perhaps that is the whole idea so that others can reap in the money by publishing non-sense.

TO BE A LEADER is just the incorrect mentality because becoming a leader is an effect not the cause. You become a leader when someone chooses to follow you. You cannot make someone follow you, therefore, you cannot choose to be a leader.

This may seem like I am slicing and dicing the technical definitions, but I believe this is the mental block to our lack of good leadership in our current era. Everyone is too focused on being the leader rather than being followed.

Because of this, select people have been able to take advantage of this by claiming themselves as fake leaders. Technically they are leaders, but the reason I label as fake is because the means they gain followers are through very superficial means like money, lies, greed, deceptions, etc.

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