Sunday, September 6, 2020

Buggish: Headset microphone not working (used to work) Windows 10, Realtek, audio connection (not USB)

I am not even sure when this happened, but suddenly the built-in mic was being used as the microphone even though it was using the headset microphone for a good period of time. I suspected something was wrong when the mute button no longer worked. I definitely found out when I was talking for a whole call then later realized my mic was up the entire time.

I tried so many different things with the sound and microphone settings in Windows 10. I tried uninstalling the audio driver in device management. I tried unplugging and re-plugging. Nothing worked for me, and none of them made a lot of sense to me because my headset is through the audio jack so it should accept the input as part of the system.

I suspected that the setting must have been set to headphones instead of headset. Then I remembered that I haven't seen the options to choose when I plug in the audio jack. I tried a lot of options to find it. Tried to run the RtkNGUI64.exe file which did not do anything.

I finally got fed with it and just went to look for the RealTek latest drivers. I should have known the auto-check wouldn't do its job. This is the full reinstall which will uninstall and re-install. I had to re-plug the headset to get the options.

I found the download on RealTek but the download took forever. Found the same driver on CNET download:

This probably took me a good half day to figure out, and several days of using the built-in mic because I didn't have the time to troubleshoot this. I also realized how little I know about Windows now compared to 10+ years ago. Age...

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