Friday, September 4, 2020

Gardening: Unguided beginner... do I know just enough to be dangerous to my plants' livelihood?

 I've started an interest in gardening because someone likes to have plants but not maintain them, and I hate seeing things die so I took it upon myself to help but no clue how. Obviously starting with watering them. Then eventually learning about over-watering. Then learning about composting.

I have to say after about 3 months... gardening is very hard. I still have no clue if I am over-watering or under-watering. I live in an area that is very dry, and the top soil is almost desert-like. My plants were doing way better when I started watering. One looks like it is not doing well again. One died which we suspect is over-watering because someone decided to just water that one plant without me knowing. Not only was I already over-watering, it had even more water than I thought. Also the soil did not look well in it.

This is actually quite time-consuming just watering and very-very-light pruning which I still am just guessing on how it works. I spend most of my time on watching videos on seeding and composting. I should probably spend more time on the things I should be doing...

Oddly enough, the experience is actually quite nice and pleasant even though it is hard work and takes up quite a bit of time. I really enjoy watching epic gardening, and like the idea of being more self-sufficient. 

There is just too much information to absorb. Would be nice if gardening was a bit easier... maybe I should consider finding a gardener friend.

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