Thursday, December 24, 2020

Rant: My One Terrible Experience with an Amazon Order

I received an notification from Amazon that there was a payment problem with one of my orders. I have order many times from Amazon with no problems, so thought this was an odd issue.

I had ordered four items. One was already shipped, delivered, and charged to my CC. One was already canceled because I didn't notice the notification early enough. I received another for the last two items.

I tried to go online to review and it just says "We're sorry, but we encountered an error when processing your request. Please try again." and underneath the CC options "Your Shop with Points balance cannot be applied to this order." When I try to select a CC and continue, I just get the same error. I changed the CC option which has the same points-balance message and also received the same error.

I tried their online chat. The automated messaging was useless as it quickly forwards me to live support. Support 1 says transaction declined from bank and to call the bank. I explain that the same CC was already accepted to pay the other part of the order. I also asked why it says "Shop with your Points balance". Support 1 then forwards me to "a member of our specialist team".

Support 2 asks to confirm the last 4 digit of my CC which I provide but also provided another CC that I had on the Amazon site list. Both did not work. Support 2 suggests to cancel the order and that I place the order again. The prices of the items have already gone up since I placed the order so I asked if there was a way for me to pay the prices when I placed the orders. I also added if not, then cancel the order.

Support 2 then sends me a list of things to check with a failed charge:

- Have you entered the credit card number correctly, without any transposed digits?

- Have you entered the correct expiration date? Has the date expired?

- Have you entered the billing address and phone number that match those associated with your credit card?

- Have you exceeded your credit limit?

- Has your credit card recently been reissued with a different credit card number and/or expiration date?

I think proceeded to explain that this was part of an order and that the item was already shipped, delivered, and charged to my CC. So obviously the CC number is correct, the expiration date is correct, the billing and phone numbers are correct. I added that I have order other items during this period of time so it was not because I exceed credit limit (besides that I am thousands of dollars from my limit) also the part of my order in question wasn't even $20.

Support 2 then states to contact my card issues to solve the decline error. With other orders when this happens, I have always received a notification from the bank to review suspicious activities or confirm the order. I did not receive any notification. I even signed onto the CC site and there were not notifications on their site of either too which normally would be there too.

Support 2 then sends message.

1.If you aren't opted into this feature and you'd like to use your rewards points on your order, checkout through your shopping cart. 

2.Enter the amount in the box on the Order Summary page.

3. If you don’t see the rewards points box you'll need to click the "Change" link next to your billing information on the Order Summary page. 

4.You'll be able to apply the maximum available points to your order, or choose a different number of points to apply. 

The rewards points you redeem will be deducted when you confirm the purchase at checkout. 

Have you tried this?

My problem is that it is opted in. I don't like using points so I'm not even sure why it has points underneath my payment options which they have yet to answer or even address. And I have been asking that I want to opt OUT and just pay the !@#@!# order. JUST LET ME PAY FOR THE ORDER! (I didn't yell this but surely was running through my head)

Suddenly I get forwarded to another support person. During this time, I also messaged that I just want to pay with any credit card with the original prices. 

Support 3 was taking a while to review so I provided a summary during this time too:

In summary, I just want to pay the prices of items (Herd Mentality Udderly Addictive Family Board Game and Fitness Volumize  Strengthen) when I placed the order because the items are now more expensive. I would like to pay with my CC that ends with 0509 but if not possible, I can pay with a different CC. If I cannot get the original prices, then please go ahead and cancel the orders.

The issue with the site is that I cannot select the credit card I want to use because it returns an error "We're sorry, but we encountered an error when processing your request. Please try again." What appears odd is underneath the CC details, there is an additional statement "Your Shop with Points balance cannot be applied to this order." First, I don't want to use points so not sure why that statement is there. Second, there is no option to turn it off and just pay with my CC. Third, this is a part of an order where the first item was already shipped and delivered and charged to my CC (which I assume is not my points balance which I'm not sure what that even means).

Support 3's first questions is if I used points for the order.. I explain that I do not recall selecting points (I still have no idea what these points are). I know that I have always avoided using points, but may be possible that I accidentally selected or it was defaulted and I didn't opt out?

Support 3 sees that my payment was declined multiple times and unable to charge the card and to check with the bank. Continues to tell me to request them to approve the charge. I do not want to call the bank. This was already taking too long for a $20 order. I repeat again that part of the order has already gone through and I use this card often so it is not an issue with the card.

At this point, I have had enough. I asked Support 3 to just cancel the order.

Support 3 asks for my number to call although I really, really didn't want to extend this anymore. I get forwarded to another person. Support 4 "please wait let me connect call." I get a call soon after. The person says a name that does not match the name on the chat, so I am going to assume Support 4 only connects me to a call and now I am talking to Support 5.

Support asks me what the issue was... ...................................................... I take a deep breath before explaining my situation again. Support 5 tries again to charge my card. I tell her that the other support already tried that. Support 5 says it was declined, and I tell her that is what the others have also said. I tried to ask if I can just pay with another credit card. Support 5 tells me to call the bank.

I really had a enough at this point and just asked them to just canceled the order. I am not going to reorder and now strongly considering canceling my prime membership. It was already on my mind because I don't use it much and it just costing more and more. And what's the point if I cannot even order stuff, which was the original reason I had it too many years ago...

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