Friday, December 18, 2020

Scammish: Modern-day cable news (my apologies to real journalism)

When did "news" become Entertainment Tonight? I am very disappointed in whoever is in charge of regulating the information that is broadcasted to the public. The government should ban the term 'news' when fundamental checks are not employed by certain organizations. My biggest beef are with Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. They should not be allowed to use the term news in their names. 

My apologies to Entertainment Tonight, but I feel they even do more background checks than today's cable news. Also my apologies to journalists that put the hard work even putting their lives at risk at times.

Sorry for the lack of references to my claims. I do not watch them daily, nor do I really follow... but when such a viewer can catch news that are incorrect, bending the truth, or even easily checked on the untrusted internet... something is definitely wrong.

Besides the blatant bias of information, "anchors" of these channels are so biased. It is way too obvious, and this should not be allowed as news. They should also not be allowed to put "statements" in the form of a question, like "how can we allow them to do that?" They try to make a point but what is the seemingly obvious answer but at the same time removing their liability that they may be incorrect. No! If you cannot accept liability for your information, it should not be allowed to be broadcasted.

Breaking news! In professional world, there is a say "if all issues are critical, then none of them are". I really, really hated this about CNN. How do you have the same breaking news for an entire day much less than entire week? After that horrendous month of break news, honestly, I do not believe in any CNN breaking news since then. Even if someone mentions CNN and breaking news, I no longer care anytime.

Guests! How can you do a proper interview in 2 minutes (exaggerated)? Especially when you spend the 1.5 minutes just introducing them, asking them a question, and interrupting (especially counter-points)? Do a proper interview where they can answer all questions, and summarize their responses... THEN let us decide what that information means! Or at the very least... let them talk (but do cut them off when they don't answer... stop doing it live so you don't waste our time watching you floundering with cutting them off)!

Work! He lied, he played too much golf, this, and that. I don't follow their every step, give some numbers! He lied this amount, compared that amount. I get more news from the Daily Show and Last Week Tonight than MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN combined... and they cover way less information (LWT only covers one topic a week). And they don't even use the term news...

After re-reading this, I made this sound like things that cable news need to fix but I know they won't change because they make money from this. My suggestion is to have them stop using the word news, ban them from having a format that looks like news, and anything else that misleads their viewers to think they are news. News should be 100% news, not 10% pretending to be 100%. Government regulations should ban this. Stop them from discrediting real news by saturating the industry with non-real news.

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