Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Scammish: Printers using cyan when printing black and white, and B200 error

I remembered watching a TouYube video on this while watching videos on Rights to Repair. I had a very, very large print job so I took note of the Cyan level. After printing about 100 pages, the cyan color became low. After another 100 pages and the cyan color was empty. The printer showed an error that cyan is out and stopped printing. Fortunately, I was able to just confirm the error and the printer will continue printing.

I searched online for some references, there was one that claimed the printers use cyan to provide a better black print. If it is, it is not noticeable to the human eye. My next 200 pages look to be the same quality as the first 200 pages.

I have options for only black and white enabled because there are 3 random mono-chrome non-black pages. Those pages were grey colored. So, I do not understand why cyan would have been needed for that either.

I think this is a scam. Not only did it use cyan, but it used half the cartridge (checked visually with the printer application tool and on the printer itself). I currently used a Canon MX922. I also bought an HP Envy Pro 6400 series which only printed maybe 100 pages before running out of ink before I even started this print job.

On side note

I also ran into a B200 error. This video helped me bypass the error.







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