Monday, August 16, 2021

Work Life: I hate IT people who cannot figure things out (vent)

I have spent countless hours of my life showing "IT" people how to do things, especially things that my role is not even supposed to do. 

Currently as a release manager, I also manage:
  1. Entire department wiki (including managing user access)
  2. Troubleshoot defects
  3. "IT" people's IT support desk
  4. Onboarding IT access
  5. Explain, re-explain, re-re-explain processes that are not even related to me
  6. Gatekeeper for managers

#3 is the worst of the worst. At this point of my career, I hate supporting this the most. Why are we hiring IT personnel that cannot figure things out? I do not even mean learning cutting edge technology or tools. I am referring to just getting access to a network folder. In most corporations, this is done through a ticketing system.

The worst culprits of these people are boomers or older. Is it that hard to go to the ticketing system that everyone already uses and looking through the options? It is not my tool. I figured it out. So, just open the page and just skim through the text. Our ticketing system only has 7 options, the third option is called Request Access. One of the saddest parts is that I already walked them through it in the past. It is only three steps. The third step is basically an open form where the user has to ask the question that they just asked me: "please give me access to blah blah blah."

And then..... the worst of the worst culprits are when they are managers who request the exact same thing 10+ times. These are not even my managers. So now not only do I have to ask why are we hiring these people, but also how did we promote these people?!?!

I do these at first because I am only a jerk in the inside. But I also slowly include the steps to do their requests. Each time they ask after that, the turnaround becomes larger and larger... sometimes to the point where I literally sit there staring at the email thinking how it would have been faster for me to do it than just sitting here but then they'll never learn eventually just not doing it for another X days where X is the number of times they have requested the exact same thing.

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