Friday, November 12, 2021

Review: Jira Cloud (1 month usage after several years with Jira DC)

In summary, DC seems so much more intuitive. After a month, I am still struggling on how to easily navigate between pages. I like to think that I usually one of the faster adopters. Maybe I have reached the age where I no longer can adapt.

Most of my issues are with team-managed projects. For company-managed projects, I do not like that I have even less control than I had in DC. I used to be able to modify workflows. Seems dumb for me to create a ticket just to have our Jira admin rename a flow just because some useless developer cannot read or learn which forces me to create flows to say "(NOT FOR DEV USE)". [[Makes me really question the developer's ability to follow instructions or understand requirements]]

Epic Link

Now there is a concept of team-managed and company-managed. It seemed at first that the only difference is who manages the configuration. But there are lot of differences in the tool itself.

The biggest one is that the concept of Epic is completely different. And I don't even need to use Epic for my use. I just wanted to display the Epic Link in the details of the ticket. The field exists, but I cannot add it to the details. And of course, the web contains all the HOWTO on how to add it (for company-managed).


I created two epics and several stories. After nearly throwing my laptop out the window, I associate the stories with the epics. Then you go to the default board. What would you expect to see?

Something? Yes, I was expecting to at least something but my board is completely empty.

Check my stories. They all have status To Do. Board has a column To Do but empty.

After some research and reading, you have to assign the stories before it shows.

One Board Only

So team-managed can only have one board. At least at the time of this. I found a page that Atlassian that it was coming in "next few weeks" but it was posted in May. It is now a few months.

Team-Managed Project

This is very misleading. This is not a permissions issue. This is really a completely different solution (as can be seen that it used to be called NextGen). Looks like Jira is trying to assimilate it which does not make sense either. Why not just limit features from company-managed?

My recommendation is not to even try team-managed projects. It is not worth the headache of bypassing Company admins. For me this is kind of a pain because our group is essentially a subsidiary of a subsidiary of the main company. The love from corporate admins is quite robotic in that they are kind of effective but at the same time just feels like using a hammer to swat a fly.

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