Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Scammish: Microsoft listening into personal conversations finding its way in ads (Personal Experience)

On my work laptop, I just saw ads for two items that I have never searched or ordered before on any of my work devices. Both of them suddenly came up on several ads on msn 

I rarely use my work phone. It basically just sits on my desk. I have taken maybe one call in the last month. I use my laptop on a very regular basis.

I am logged into all devices with work identifications, none related to any of my personal identifications.

The scary part is that these were things my wife was talking about just recently. Talking! She never messaged these things to me through text, email, etc. 

I have absolutely no idea which device or app even listened in on this.

Dear Microsoft, stay out of my life!!

There should be some law to force advertisers to publish where they received our personal information!

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