Monday, January 24, 2022

Scammish: C.P.S. Letter/Mail for Annual Report Instruction Form

Just received a letter addressed to my company that looked like an official letter to submit an annual report. By looking official, I just mean that it looks professional. It does not look like the one that you get from the state. 

Be careful. They do not provide any additional service because the information you provide them is essentially the same information that you submit to the state. For me, they charged way more than filing myself. The state filing is pretty simple and this form already looks more work.

This is not a scam per se, but I almost mistaken it for the actual annual report. It can still be potentially a scam as I do not know if they do submit on your behalf. I imagine they do because why take the risk for easy money already? I wouldn't be surprised if this is still legit with all the crazy stupid law stuff that can happen.

Any case, if you run a simple business, this is not worth the extra cost. I also assume that you will not get your money back if you already sent it. They'll claim they do and they will likely claim that it is in the mail. Be additionally careful if they request more information for them to return your money, as there is a scam for that too. 

The return money scam basically has you pay more money to get your money back.

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