Friday, February 25, 2022

Work Life: Two-Fingers Typers Who Type Too Slow Shouldn't Be in IT management (very over-generalized) (rant)

The worst! THE WORST!!! Is one of them wants ME to type out something (email, documentation, meeting minutes, etc)? How about you just LEARN to think?! That's right, not learn to type... just learn to think and maybe you'll learn to type faster. Seriously what a waste of my time and energy.

I have not had any good experience with slow two-fingers typers. At best, they are almost average thinkers. How do they even become managers? I don't know how their directs manage, but I just cannot work under one.

I have to waste 20 minutes either to watch you type or dictate something for me to type. Even worse than WORST is that I type faster than they can dictate without them even realizing that I finished typing. Then... THEN..... ON TOP OF ALL THAT.... You question my spelling AND.... AND..... you are STILL wrong!

And if you are a manager that is also a slow typer whether with any number of fingers, STOP wasting your employees time. Type it offline. Do it in secret. Most of your staff is making over 100k which means around $50/hr. I've been on calls where we spend half of a one hour meeting with ten people... that's $250 just to watch you type (ie being an idiot).

Or just stay out of the way. I spent an hour with someone complaining about my idea for about an hour to eventually just using my idea. This has happened multiple times. You would think they should just learn to just listen at some point. That person did not stay long after I left.

Just had a moment of flashbacks...

I just realized that none of my former managers stayed longer after I left. Seven different employments. Three of them, I didn't really have a manager. Three fired and one laid-off.

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