Thursday, March 10, 2022

What would you do? QA lead is out. No process to handle backlog. As SM...

SM = Scrum Master

Sometimes it is just so frustrating dealing with people. Am I not understanding their question or their problem? Do they just not understand what other people is supposed to know or do? Are they just clueless or am I clueless?


The QA lead has been out and will be out for the rest of the week. I brought up that I have been completing my tasks. These tasks when completed go to the QA lead. In the call, I just bring to attention that there will likely be a large backlog of items for QA team to do and if their is some process to check on the list while the lead is unavailable.

Not surprisingly, there is no processes for this situation. So it was tasked to our new Scrum Master to look into the situation. The SM is responsible of making sure changes are moving along.

You have two QA testers who have their usual work and backlog. QA lead used to assign tasks to them. How this is done is not known. I add about 5-10 changes to their backlog per day. When looking into the backlog there are over 50 changes pending. Some are four months old. It is Thursday, and QA lead will return on Monday.

What would you do?

Time Limit to Think = 1 hr
Time to Explain = 5 minutes

As the scrum master, what would you do?

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