Monday, May 2, 2022

Scammish: Fake Christians

My issues with majority of the Christians that I have met are that they seem to be almost the worst kind of selfish people. They hide it in such subtle ways and rarely return any kindness. They pretend to be nice but they seemed very, very forced.

Fake Kindness or Pseudo-Kindness

If you do not like me, just ignore me. Don't go out of your way to have to greet me and ask questions you do not care about. Or just ask what the person's name is again. There is no need to prepend it with "I know we've met before, but I forgot your name... blah, blah, blah." The longer you go, the more you just seem to be a jerk because you do not care to remember if it really bothers you that much. So now you are just lying about something you do not even care to remember the first few times. I understand many people cannot remember, but most people do remember after the 5th or 10th time. Or just talk without knowing my name.

I know doing kindness should not expect anything in return, but Christians seem to be the worst at returning anything at all. And if it something that is returned, it usually has no consideration to the person receiving the gift. Giving a gospel verse to a non-Christian is not a return on kindness. Giving a gift that the recipient clearly does not use or cannot use is not a return on kindness. AND, I do not know if that is any worse than not even trying to be kind in return. Is maybe kindness only allowed to other Christians? Do Christians give each other gospel verses?

I have lost count on the number of times I have helped Christians that was out-of-my-way and never to hear from them again. Currently, I am pleasantly surprised to just get a genuine thank you. Mostly I just get the fakest thanks. I also do not know if it is worse to get a "I am the unluckiest person" thank you or a "so over the top" thank you. 

Don't ask for favors when you will not make any time to return the favor!! Just say you need help. Why do Fake Christians have a need to feel good about themselves? Do not promise things you do not plan to keep. Yes, there is the usual "plan the next event" that never happens. But if I invite you over, don't promise to invite us over if you never plan to. Sometimes I don't even think they even try. Here, I prefer you just give a stupid fake thank you and just leave. Don't say that you will return the favor. Don't tell me when I am free to go over. 

Why would I basically invite myself over? How about you invite me over and I tell you if I am free? Or? Ask when I am free? I will never bring this up on a whim (does anyone?). If I invite you over, I invite first then ask when you are available. If you tell me you are free and want to come over, I am going to think you (not a personal friend) are a bit creepy. 

And when we do plan something, don't say you are always free when you contradict it within minutes with "sorry, I have small group during that time" or mass or another church event or a church gathering and basically you end that you promise to let me know then never call... every single time. 


I know my experience is very anecdotal so I do give the benefit of the doubt to new people that I meet. I also reserve that it may be possible that my sample size may be too small. They are still currently one of the worst types of people I meet. 

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