Thursday, May 5, 2022

Work Life: Programmer vs Developer vs Engineer (Software / Non-Tech World) IMO

Outside of the tech companies, they are essentially the same thing. For companies that have a tech side but is wholly managed by the business side, majority of the managers and much less HR have absolutely no idea what the differences are.

The company will use whatever title to make the person happy. If the company does well and expand, then they will use whatever title that person had last. Even if the company merges with another both companies had no idea and basically use dice to decide which titles to use. 

In all my experience of a very small percentage of companies either directly or indirectly, this has always been the case. Even the titles of levels or jr/sr are quite arbitrary. Some companies have rules but most are based on years. Although they claim experience but there are too many contraries to the rule. To me, they appear to just use it to leverage the employees.

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