Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buggish: Lost Permission to Page when I had Edit Rights (Confluence 5.1.5)

I used my 1-on-1 call with my boss to finally give him some time to give permission to the rest of our team access to restricted pages that I created for our team only. I had originally was able to view and edit the page just fine. After our meeting, I realized that I no longer had access to the page. I checked with my coworker, and he now had access.

This was bizarre. Of course, I let me boss know. He tried a couple things. None of them worked. When we finally gave up messaging back and forth, he shared his desktop. I then saw that I was in the list, as I was before. Then we realized that I lost the restrictions when we added the others.

I did not want to waste any more of my boss' time so, I speculate that we had access before because there were no other restricted users. Once the restricted users were added, we lost access to the view rights. I am assuming that I still had edit rights. In theory, I could test this by keeping a link to the edit page of the restricted page.

In conclusion, users with edit rights has view rights automatically if there are no restricted viewing rights. Users with edit rights lose the viewing rights once there are other users with viewing rights. Thus users with edit rights has to also be added to the viewing rights list.

Food for thought, are there any cases where I would ever need edit rights but not viewing rights? I would still see the content when editing the page.

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