Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Google+ Events (You don't have access to this event)

Me trying Google+ Events for the first time


The set up is pretty easy although it took me a few scans to find the events option (since I rarely use Google+). Once there, I just click on Create Event then fill out the information.

Information can all be edited later and the same for the guest list.

Accepting Invitation

Quickly, a guest did accept the invitation. I had also sent an invitation to one of my test accounts. Here I faced a problem and received an error "You don't have access to this event" even though I can view the event.

I then noticed that my test account is not on Google+ yet, so I went ahead and registered that. I'm not sure if this is what caused the problem or not, or even part of the fix. This may or may not have played a role in this issue.

So, I attempted to delete the test account but this only seems to block the user. With the test account, I will get that I no longer have access to the event. So I returned back to the main account and re-invited the test account. The test account still has the same problem.

Oddly after attempting several more times through the event page or from the email, I noticed that I had something in my notifications. I clicked on that bell-looking icon, and the event was also published there. I clicked on that and there was another form for yes, maybe, or no. From this form I was able to submit a response.

Once I did that, I returned back to the event page to change but still received the same error. I tried the email form, and that now allows me to change the response. I closed the event page and reopened from the email and now appears to work even from the events page.

Rejecting Event

Rejecting an even will remove the event from "Your events". I am not sure if there is a way to view a list of events that you responded with a no. I reopened the event from the notifications bar. I assume you can also do the same from the email. I am not exactly sure how you would manage this easily if you want to change your response.


Very standard forum-like message board. Messages are only shared within the event.

Messages can be edited by poster and moderator.

Compared to Evite

The only other invitation managing site that I've used before was Evite (but only as a invitee). Evite seems to have a few more other "fun" features like changing the yes, maybe, and no responses. It also appears to have more themes. I am not quite sure how Google+ Events is for non-Google users, but should be rather uniform for Evite which should be agnostic to your email provider.

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