Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Google AdSense (@4000 page views)

I will be reaching 4000 Google AdSense page views within the next couple days. I have so far accumulated 5 paid clicks. None of the data in the table seem to add up to the amount shown in payments. CPC and estimate seems to have some correlation but the totals do not add up. I also had a click in December but there are not transaction payment for that month.

Last month, I had switched the ad placement to be included below the articles. This seems like it created additional click for April but my volume is too low to really make any sort of analysis. Also, I do not have any clicks for this month so that goes against that analysis anyways.

Hopefully, I'll have more update at 8000 page views.


Please do not click on the ads unless you are intentionally interested in the ad (per Google's terms of use/service). I am not blogging for income. I am just analyzing the service. TIA

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