Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life: Car Loan Paid Off

I just completed my final transaction for my car loans. What a relief to have one less bill to pay.

Interestingly, paying off the final payment was not as easy as I thought it would be. When paying online, the normal amount was the final principal plus interest up to the due date. Since I pay online, I find it odd that it would be that amount since the transaction would be for that day. The page does provide the payoff amount.

My options at this point was to use the payoff amount in the "other amounts" field but I was skeptical whether that would trigger that I had paid off my car. I was tempted to just pay the larger amount (it was only 20 cents difference) but then I didn't want the hassle of having them send me a check. So I called into the service desk.

There was no hold time (even though the system told me it would take 2 minutes). There were a few options I had to go through which brought me through the payoff amount, and I got a third amount between the payoff on the site and due date amount. The lady was able to answer all my questions clearly and quickly.

I am to use the "other amounts" field and enter the site's payoff amount since the transaction is before end of day. The phone quote is assuming that I may be mailing in the payoff which it then estimates a 10 day quote.

Overall after three years, I am quite happy using Honda Financials. Hopefully, I did not jinx myself as I still have to wait for my title to be mailed.

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