Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life: Exercise 20150316

Well, I am basically still stuck at the same weight. It still fluctuates +/- 2 pounds from the average. I have decreased the frequency of my gym visits. I now go every other day and sometimes the third day.

Either I have stretched my pants a bit or I may be a bit leaner. I feel leaner and my movements feel more fluid, so I think it is the latter since I haven't actually bothered to measure my waist. Overall, I feel more fit so I am happier about that.

More exciting news is that I ran outside for the first time all year and I have already jogged further and faster than I did late last year. My ankle issue felt like it was slightly coming back near the end of the run. Since it took more time to develop and was much less painful, I am thinking the issue is more to weak ankles than join issue. The issue did not return while I was on the treadmill the following days. As for my preparations for my 5k race, I think I am going at a good pace to beat 36 minutes which would be averaging a little faster than 5mph. I am now able to jog 5 mph for 30 minutes with easy effort where I am still not breathing hard nor feeling tired. Almost 2 months ago, 5 mph for 20 minutes was the furthest my lungs could handle.

I have also noticed that my runs improve much faster when I take breaks from my workouts. I feel like running everyday does not improve as quickly. Very unscientific, but the feeling is rather lop-sided. Even if I do not actually run faster or longer, I definitely feel less sluggish running every other day. Although recently I have not done any sort of exercise in between, I have done some other weight lifting exercises on the off days. This does not seem to detriment my runs except I will feel a bit more sore in the particular part of the body that I worked out which is typically the chest.

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