Sunday, April 24, 2016

2 day break from workout, easier faster pace today


I've had to work several hours for the last couple days so was not able to workout out all. I've logged maybe 1 mile for each day. Physically, I felt rather energetic today. I also lost 3 pounds during that span, but probably just from eating lightly (mostly ramen and salad... mostly because that was all I had left). This morning I was really hungry and decided to dig deep into my closet and found a bag of chocolates (I don't really eat sweets but will eat them occasionally). I ate a couple reese's cups before running. I only mention that because that may also be what contributed to the run.


I walked the usual 5 minutes then started jogging at 5mph for a couple minutes. I found this to be extremely easier than usual, so I changed it to 5.5mph. By the 20 minute mark, I was still feeling good where I was probably at 70% (usually I would be around 85% at this point). I think upped it again to 6mph. I was able to struggled to 28 minutes, unable to reach the 30 minutes. Overall, still a pretty decent run for me.

Of course, the girl next to me was doing 7mph like it was cake-walk >:O... you just wait! I'll be there someday! sigh... To think that I once was able to do 6-7 minute miles. Feels like two lifetimes ago. Anyways, I still felt great that I am making progress... at least I hope it is and not caused by eating candy beforehand (although it makes me tempted to experiment that a little more).

Now that I am able to jog most of the 30 minutes, I will likely start increasing the incline grade or go at a faster pace. This will mostly be determined on how well my feet feels. They have been kind of sore lately like when you stand for too long. I think it is also a sign for new pair of shoes. I've had these for a year now so it is about time to retire them from running shoes to everyday shoes.


After some other random workouts and shopped for food, I feel pretty normal... no sore, no pain. My right fore-arm feels a little tight though from holding weights. The odd part was that my left arm did not have any problems (I'm right-handed). Lately, I've been wondering if maybe I may have been left-handed but ambidextrous enough to follow the general public of being right-handed... or maybe my right side is so worn-and-torn that it tires faster.

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